– Write at least one blog post per month


– Visit friends on the East coast in 2011

Sadly, also a fail, but Shannon and Mike did visit me here!

-Use my tent at least 3 times this summer.

I didn’t use my own tent in the Boundary Waters, but I did get in more than 3 nights of camping 🙂

– Apply to graduate school.


-Write a personal note to every one of my students before the end of the school year.

Nope, but I am facebook friends with many of them now!

-Stay in my apartment for a more than 1 year.


– Visit South Dakota twice (first trip planned in February).

Not quite, but I’m going next week!

-Visit Chicago

DONE! Twice even!

– Put away ALL the clothes in my bedroom and finish decorating it.

I put away all my clothes at least 3 times…. but they are not away right now 😦

– Visit a new National Park

I’m going to count the Boundary Waters for this one.

– Visit Scott at College.

DONE! Dropped him off with Mom in August.

– Mail written cards to my grandparents.

Nope, but my grandpa did get an iPad and join Facebook!  Plus I’ve seen my Dad’s parents in person quite a bit.

-Do something goofy with Alexis.

I can’t remember what all we did before she moved, but I’m sure that it was goofy.

-Have Chelsea read my Tarrot cards.

Done!  We should do it again for the new year though.

– Try rock climbing

Nope 😦  But I’m putting this on my list again for 2012!

– Do a supported head stand in yoga

Sort of, I still have to be near the wall or I’m too scared, but I’ve done it!


Other awesome things I did this year:

Strait As in grad school.  what what!!

Secured a sweet paid internship for next year

Did a pretty bang up job teaching 8th grade English

Ate healthfully and felt very positive about my body/health (most of the time)

Tried out a weight lifting routine last summer

Kept doing lots of yoga

Rented a Pedal Pub for my birthday!

Hosted a ton of close friends for 4th of July at the lake

Saw my parents at least once a month

Totally appreciated and took advantage of the prettiness and cool stuff in my neighborhood

Took lots of sweet iPhone pictures

Took my baby brother to a concert before he left for college

Bought a commuter bike and rode it to school (when it was warm and sunny)

Ran a 5k in my Dirndl