Goals from last year:

Get my Master’s Degree!

Mostly done, just have to finish my reflection paper today!  I’ll get the actual degree at the end of January.

Get a job with my degree!

Working on it.  I did get a lot more work experience than I would have even hoped at this time last year.  My resume is awesome 🙂

Do an unassisted pull up

AAAAhhhhRRRGG.  Not quite.  Soon.  I did continue Crossfit all year and I’m sure that I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.

Get a bikini tan this summer (who said goals had to be healthy?)

Yes!!!  I was very dedicated to my 30 minutes in the sun every afternoon that I could this summer.   So sad that it is all faded now 😦

Go somewhere for spring break

I visited Sara in Milwaukee.  Not super exotic, but it was fun!  Other memorable trips included Red Rocks for Brandi, ’07 reunion in Denver, and skiing in Wisconsin with Sarah.   I should travel more next year.

Try rock climbing

Done!  It’s hard and frustrating.  I hope to go a few more times this year.

Read one novel per month

Not quite.  But I read some good books.

Totally clean bedroom at least once a month

I might actually have done this, I didn’t really keep track.  But my room is pretty clean right now.  Many thanks to Chelsea for rescuing me from piles of clothes!

Come up with some kind of plan/budget to spend less

Fail.  Next year my goal will just be to make more money!

Make more friends

Yes!  I got much closer to many friends through Grad school and maintained and strengthened other friendships.

Run an organized race

I did the Lederhosenlauf again.  I signed up for a triathlon, but it was canceled.  I think I’m just not that into organized races.

Catch more fish

Maybe?  I certainly did lots of fishing this summer.